Custom ID Lanyards On The Go

Are you familiar with lanyards? Or have you already seen some of it? Well, to be more specific, lanyards are straps or ropes being worn around the neck, or any part of our body where we can attach our identification cards, keys or anything we would like to attach.


Do you know that lanyards can be customized most especially with your own choice of design?


Our company Wholesale Lanyards can provide you some of the best custom ID lanyards in the world. We are one of the emerging companies when it comes to making of custom ID lanyards and ID badge holders. Our office is located in Florida and production facilities are located both in the USA and overseas.


ID LanyardsWholesale Lanyards can give you the best and the greatest high quality custom lanyards and ID badges with your own design, free shipping and free art design. You don’t have to worry that your place is too far from our business area because we do shipping- both domestic and international. So, wherever you are, Wholesale Lanyards is always on your way!


We have different types of ID lanyards particularly- polyester material lanyards, tubular lanyards, woven, nylon, dye sub and cord lanyards. You may view in our site the appearance of each type of ID lanyards but we assure you that our products are among the best lanyards you can have. It comes with great durability while having a fair price.


Your choice of design will surely be fitted to the lanyards we can provide to you. We always give the best and high quality custom lanyards to our customers around the world. Getting tired of using a usual or typical ID strap or badges? Wholesale Lanyards is your one-stop ID lanyard solution. No matter what kind of lanyards you need, be it key-ring, ID, or badge lanyards, even cell phone lanyards or any other style, we can provide it to you and with free shipping on your way.


Key HolderThese lanyards will surely be a great asset wherever you go- in school, office, friendly activities and many more ways where it can be used as your identification card, cellphone or key strap. We also have custom ID badge holders which will surely be a perfect match with your custom lanyard strap. Combining our custom lanyards with these badge holders will give you the best and easy to use lanyard wherever you will go.


Your identification card will be safe and secured no matter what activity you will do. Our custom ID badge holders are perfect to secure your documents and at the same time provide visibility and out of the way unlike pins that will cause your clothing or garments to tear off and clips that dislodges easily.


We also give discounts to our customers especially in wholesale order of lanyards and badge holders from non-government organization and public events. For most lanyards, we have a minimum order of 100 items. We can talk more on the line regarding the price range and discounts for bulky orders.


Badge HolderYou don’t have to worry that you will take a hard time making layout or design you would like to be imprinted on the lanyard because all are inclusive when you order with us in Wholesale Lanyards. The artwork design and proofing is free of charge. Whatever design or logo you would like to put on, we assure you that the best quality custom lanyards will be provided to you. You have many choices of colors, for about 80,000 and different lanyard types on our products list which will give you more choices in designing your custom lanyards. Production time is usually two weeks including shipping, but we accept rush orders.


Each type of lanyard has different appearances and texture but one thing is for sure, these are high quality, durable and have a reasonable price for our dear customers.


We have different social media accounts you can follow for any inquiries regarding our products. Feel free to visit our website for more information regarding our custom lanyards and how to purchase or order online at your own convenience.


Design and order now with us at Wholesale Lanyards- the first ever and easiest custom lanyard builder. Call now or choose an online way to contact us for more questions.


The best custom ID lanyards on the go…with Wholesale Lanyards!


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Wholesalelanyards can make a configuration that is ideal for your organization, gathering or foundation ID lanyards are an incredible approach to strengthen your image unpretentiously with clients while keeping your staff secure in the meantime.