Safety Presentations at the Workplace

No place is safe. No matter how highly equip a building is with safety gadgets and equipment, accidents still happen. That is why, safety presentations at the workplace is very important. These presentations may not eliminate but will certainly lessen accidents inside the office.

Why does your company need to conduct these safety discussions?

speakerThe main reason is to keep the employees from harming themselves during work hours. It is also essential to let the employees educated about safety measures during emergencies. Scheduling a monthly meeting, for example, will keep the employee updated of the safety apparatus that the company might have installed throughout the building. Aside from a monthly meeting, a newly hired employee should have an orientation about the safety measures that the company is implementing.

Moreover, conducting these presentations at the workplace may reduce the employee’s claim of insufficient implementation of precautionary measures against the company. Thus, it may consequently decrease the cost of insurance claims or lawsuit against the company due to negligence. These presentations are especially helpful in a manufacturing company, wherein labor union claims may bleed the company’s profit.

Lastly, conducting these presentations may save lives of your employees in times of emergencies such as fire, or earthquake. Gaining knowledge what to do will certainly help your employees. In addition, they will learn and know how to think clearly during such times.

What are the safety presentations that your company should discuss? You can conduct a survey from the employees to learn the safety measures that they may not know yet. Here are a few examples that the company may discuss safety.

Fire Safety

In this presentation, the presenter discusses fire safety equipment and precautionary measures. Thismay include discussing how to operate a fire extinguisher or how long should an employee wait to fire the alarm. It is also important to discuss the location of the fire alarm, fire extinguishers, and fire exits. It should also include discussions on what employees should do in case of being trapped in a raging fire.

Earthquake Drill

Earthquakes are devastating and have claimed millions of lives for centuries. Conducting an earthquake drill and seminar for your company is essential, especially if the location is near or within a fault.

Precautionary Measures against Robbery

This type of presentation is good for financial institutions such as banks and lending companies who maintain cash fund within the premises.

After the presentations, employees tend to forget what they have just learned. A few days later, they completely cannot remember what they have heard in the conference or function hall. Increasing the effectiveness of the company’s safety presentations is simple. Here is how.


Daily reminders will increase the likelihood of making your employees remember the presentations. You do not have to install new equipment just to remind them. Make use of the existing facilities within the company building to implement this. An unused bulletin board for a long time may be a good start. One good example is flashing a friendly reminder in a digital screen in the lobby of your building. Another way of reminding the employees is announcing the safety reminders through an audio system within the building. Or, place daily reminders in conspicuous areas wherein the employees can read them while waiting or having their break time.


Interactive sessions are more effective than letting your employees listen to a boring presentation for about 15 minutes. Giving them a chance to ask questions about the topic will certainly make the presentations more interesting and rewarding. Participation during a presentation is also an example of interactive sessions.

Resource Aids

Remembering a presentation is more effective if the presenter uses audio and visual aids such as safety puzzle games, or training video. Thus, engaging the other senses aside from hearing will make your employees remember what they heard and learn.

Reward the Presenter

Rewards and recognition awards will absolutely motivate employees in presenting the best training  program to their co-workers. It poses a challenge to the designated presenters.

This technique is effective when assigned employees conduct the safety presentations. However, the downside of the reward system is it may create misunderstanding or envy among employees. So, ensure that awarding of incentives is done in an objective manner.


At the end of each presentation, encourage a feedback session. The presenter may hand out questionnaires about the topic and relevance of the discussion. The employees will rate the presentation and the presenter’s way of presenting it to the whole company.

Mandatory Attendance

To guarantee employee attendance, mandate them. It may also become part of their performance evaluation by the end of the year. Besides, attending will be for their good.


Hire an expert from time to time. Think of this strategy as an investment rather than a cost. Experts have certain knowledge acquired through firsthand experiences. This certain characteristic of the presenter will certainly earn respect from your employees. A firefighter can certainly deliver a more effective discussion of precautionary measures about fire prevention and emergencies. A legal attorney can effectively point out mistakes when it comes to filing a lawsuit. So on and so forth.

Safety presentations are important and are not limited to manufacturing companies or the police force. Every office should conduct a presentation at least once a month and during orientation for new employees. Conducting presentation on safety shows that the company values the life of its workforce and gives the employees the sense of security while working.

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